Enhanced Human Agility


June 05, 2018

by Susie Morse

Here, Global Fieldwork Service Director, Susie, discusses how a well-balanced combination of automation and human expertise can deliver faster, and crucially better, results.

No, MMR aren’t developing cyborgs or taking parkour lessons (though some of the team are pretty flexible!), but we are developing our agility in a very smart way. 

As many organizations streamline their supply chain through automation, we believe it’s going to take more than this to deliver world class product testing and insight. Naturally, we’re utilizing the benefits of automation to speed things up, but there’s more to agile intelligence than algorithms!

As Global Fieldwork Service Director, perhaps one of the best examples of this I see, is in the way we use our Connect platform. This recent innovation creates additional value from product and pack testing. It informs clients of the developing outcome of a quantitative test as it happens. It’s not just early visibility of results (that’s automation), rather it's what we can help our clients do with these as a next step (that’s smarter agility). While the research outcome is developing, we can call upon our experts (e.g. sensory specialists, qualitative researchers) to intervene and gain next level insight. We can probe individual responses with individual participants based on their answers so far, as well as convening a tactical and lively focus group with select respondents based on their scoring. We’re exploiting opportunities that may not have been visible at the research design stage, without waiting for the full results (by which time the opportunity has often passed, and further time and budget is probably required for exploration.)

Monitoring live data collection outcomes, and having our own experts available at the moment discoveries are made, means our clients are getting more from their research. Deeper insight, delivered faster, at no additional cost (since no further data collection or follow-ups are required).

So by the time a day’s testing is complete, our clients know the outcome (along with the driving factors) and likely have some very memorable articulations directly from consumers to illustrate and convey the insight within their own organizations.

So for us, agility doesn’t mean compromise. While software makes it possible, it’s our expertise that makes it meaningful.

Susie Morse is Global Fieldwork Service Director at MMR Research Worldwide

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