Method Focus: Analytics


September 01, 2016

by Paul Dempster

Our highly competitive and adaptable range of analytic tools have been designed to bring confidence to your business decisions, identifying launch strategies and portfolio management scenarios which will provide the highest level of commercial gain. Our experienced in-house team of statisticians work closely with our researchers and offer senior consultancy direct to our clients, to drive range, pricing and promotion decisions which will maximize return.

Some of our most popular current applications are:

Optimizing Pricing & Promotions Strategy

We have an advanced suite of adaptive pricing research tools to help you measure the impact of different pricing strategies and promotional mechanics on sales potential. Designed to represent real life purchase decisions more accurately and avoid hot housing of price, we can provide clear recommendations on price - whether a standalone deep investigation - or incorporated in a wider piece of research.

For example, our choice-based Advanced Conjoint Modelling capabilities allow us to deliver strategic guidance on direct marketing challenges where multiple interlocking variables are in play. The complex arena of range / pricing / pack size / promotional mechanics is is an ideal example of this. 

As well as direct consultancy on optimizing strategy, we can also delivery fully functional exploratory simulator tools direct to clients, which can then be used to explore further potential marketing strategies, and critically, the likely impact of competitor reaction.


Volumetric Sales Forecasting

Volumetric forecasting from MMR provides you with a range of tools with which to deliver robust predictions of potential in-market sales, fusing consumer response data with detailed marketing mix launch plans. Our approach is built around continual validation and designed to allow quantification of size of opportunity at any stage of the research development process – from early screening through to optimization and pre-launch validation.

Our main trial and repeat forecast model is validated to +/- 10% accuracy for new innovation.

Range Optimization: both expanding and rationalizing range strategy

MMR has a proprietary modelling approach that goes well beyond industry standards (such as TURF analysis). Our approaches focus on consumer purchase allocation exercises from visual product shelves that are adaptive based on consumers' own core product repertoires; the toughest test of all when you are trying to displace existing product purchases.

Calibrated against actual market share data for accuracy, we can predict percentage change in sales delivered by varying range combinations, the exact contribution that each SKU within the range will make, and quantify source of steal / levels of cannibalization (of your existing product portfolio if there is one) for multiple range strategies.

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More product development approaches:

Assessing competitor displacement is key to our approach, giving your new products and brands the edge in increasingly complex, crowded and competitive categories supplemented by our detailed category knowledge.

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