Method Focus: Brandphonics


October 10, 2016

by Andy Frith

Brandphonics® is your access point to sensory branding, and underpins everything we do at MMR.

Brandphonics® is the name we give to a suite of sensory branding tools with the power to dig deeper into the way consumers experience your brand, pack and product. It enables truly holistic innovation and enhanced renovation - where product, pack and brand are in perfect synergy, creating a certain magic that connects with your consumer at a deeper level.

The objective of sensory branding is to make your brand more engaging at a non-conscious level using the power of the human senses

We rely heavily on our non-conscious to navigate the noise in a typical store. We are tuned to subtle sensory differences, the small differences that determine choice. Our System 1 processes are busy decoding these signals and making sense of them conceptually. For example, the color red in the context of food supplements is conceptualized as high potency. This is the level at which sensory branding operates.

Brandphonics® tools can map the emotional and functional expectations associated with your brand, positioning or new idea, and specify how to deploy sensory cues across pack and product to create a truly holistic and compelling proposition. It’s often the small things – like the tactile feel of your pack – that play the most critical role in moving your potential from average to amazing.


If these are the kinds of issues you’re facing, then it’s certainly worth a discussion:

• “I’ve got great trial, but I’m worried about my repeat rate”
• “I’m worried that my formula is not distinctive enough”
• “What are the semiotics of my brand, pack and product, and could I improve?”

Our Brandphonics® sensory branding toolkit offers another way at a time when innovation success rates are rarely out of the industry news and the pressure is on manufacturers to reformulate. Experience has shown that, where applied, sensory branding provides a common framework that clarifies decision making across brand, pack and product teams. It makes absolutely clear what you must guard to ensure your final proposition remains compelling at launch as well as providing guiding principles for future brand development across all touchpoints. 

We believe that sensory branding can reinvigorate your approach to innovation and renovation – bringing fresh insight and momentum to your brand strategy.

Brandphonics® - the difference is sensory.

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A client partner was puzzled by the repeated failure in-market of a well liked fragrance. Brandphonics showed this fragrance was too vibrant, bold and modern for the brand, so they needed to pursue a ‘toned down’ version which fit better within their portfolio.

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