Method Focus: Mindsets from MMR


September 01, 2016

by Luisa Robertson

Whether you are seeking enhanced category understanding or identifying opportunities for innovation, Mindsets™ will help!

Uncover fresh thinking about what consumers really want by better understanding how they feel across a whole array of typical consumption occasions.

Competition is fierce and consumers are complicated, so if you try to understand a category by segmenting on occasion or people alone, you risk missing the full picture. Innovation needs to be really special to break through - which is why we developed Mindsets™ as a springboard for NPD success. Taking the traditional U&A to the next level, Mindsets™ harnesses and reflects the complexities and differences in individual choice.

Through advanced segmentation of real-time, behavior based information, we determine overarching Mindsets™, combining emotional and functional needstates, individual choices and occasion. This reflects that different people have different needs at different times, thus representing overall choice drivers more effectively – and importantly, creating a segmentation with opportunity areas that are easier to target. The resulting easy to use framework for NPD inspiration increases the chances of success, ensuring new products are designed to meet real and compelling consumer needs.

Mindsets harnesses and reflects the complexities and differences in individual choice

With such strategic work, it’s vital to get under the skin of a brand and understand their objectives. We kick off every project with an immersive and challenging stakeholder workshop, and share the results creatively in a way that inspires action in your organization bringing in our wider category understanding to provide deeper context surrounding the consumer opportunities.

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