Method Focus: Packaging Development and Optimization


September 01, 2016

by Luisa Robertson

The co-founder of Innocent, Richard Reed, claimed ‘it is crazy how significant packaging is’, following the hugely successful relaunch of their orange juice in a carafe. And we believe there are untapped opportunities in many categories to drive differentiation, enhance brand equity and improve the consumer experience through packaging. 

Our philosophy in packaging research is to go beyond the obvious - and beyond pack testing - to maximize the role of structure and functionality as well as graphics to understand how well packaging is working on a deeper emotional level to strengthen key brand equities as well as drive on-shelf presence and engagement.

Our clients benefit from our flexible range of approaches that can be applied to any packaging scenario, bringing holistic consumer input to guide development or give confidence to decisions. Two main cornerstones sit at the heart of our toolkit – EROS (co-creation qual research) for packaging development and Impackt for screening and validation of packaging designs.


MMR’s comprehensive pack validation approach goes beyond liking to assess emotional meaning together with on-shelf stand-out, message delivery, and ability to drive purchase motivation in a competitive environment. With the option to incorporate eye-tracking to enhance understanding of pack navigation and performance at fixture, and to conduct assessment using real packaging mock ups / fixtures, life size posters or online stimulus the approach can be tailored according to the level of risk / opportunity associated with the packaging decision.

IMPACKT provides detailed diagnostics as well as open-ended feedback. With principles of behavioral economics incorporating observation of choices made as well as direct questions, it will help you understand how your pack design performs in a competitive context, and tells you how to optimize.

Critically, Impackt gives you access to MMR’s proprietary conceptual profiling tools which uncover non-conscious conceptualizations about brand, pack and product. This ensures we understand the potential of a packaging design to work harder for your brand – driving the desired total brand experience whether reinforcing existing equities or helping to move your brand towards a new position.

IMPACKT is modular, holistic and detailed – and avoids the risk of pack research becoming a superficial beauty contest that rewards the familiar.

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