Method Focus: Product Development


November 16, 2016

by Luisa Robertson

There can be no closer engagement between consumer and brand than the direct consumption of the product.

Which is why partnering with MMR gives you the best opportunity to optimize this all important connection point, ensuring that your product performs against concept-led expectations and delivers or enhances the overall brand experience.

Product testing and development is at the heart of everything we do

Product testing and development is at the heart of everything we do. An enviable list of global brand leaders and challenger brands have experienced the benefits of precision product testing, renovation and reformulation; combined with unrivalled sensory expertize and wider category knowledge.

See our guide: Making Sense of Reformulation


With a wide range of solutions developed over 25 years, we’re able to recommend the right approach to meet your needs – whether developing and testing new products, validating concept-product fit before launch or benchmarking and reformulating existing products.

Our clients benefit from our ability to excel at complex challenges (globally), and deliver more standard projects efficiently, insightfully and with creative flair.

iHUTs and hall tests

Fieldwork matters. We have been delivering rigorous front line product testing around the world for over 25 years. From snacks to fully prepared meals to alcoholic drinks, we have tried and tested serving protocols that meet or exceed industry standards.

Qual or Quant

Your objectives will determine whether a qual, quant or combined approach is needed. Proprietary techniques like EROS (Early Rules of Success) groups use an expert combination of sensory and qualitative moderation to develop actionable formulation briefs. Sensohedonic+ brings applied science to the product development process, pinpointing the optimal product profile to maximize liking or target specific preferences.

The sensory difference

We always go beyond typical measures like ‘PI’ and ‘Liking’, using sensory based tools to enhance brand fit and drive distinctiveness. Where we really add value is via the seamless integration of sensory data with consumer driven insights. We have a deep understanding of the impact that sensory characteristics can have on consumer reactions to products and how this affects future choice behaviour.

Linkage of sensory and consumer data enables us to identify real world drivers of liking; overlaying our Brandphonics ® emotional and functional profiling approaches allows us to access what products really mean to consumers and which sensory attributes drive these conceptualizations. We use all these pieces of information to provide actionable and specific recommendations for product improvements.

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More product development approaches:

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