Method Focus: Sensohedonic+


September 01, 2016

by Gareth Pritchard

Bringing applied science to product development, SensoHedonic+ helps our clients to create perfect products. This powerful tool combines consumer liking with the skills of our trained expert sensory panels in four locations around the world. It enables us to pinpoint the optimal product profile to maximize liking or target specific preferences, as well as enhance the overall consumer experience with the brand through sensory branding principles.

Consumers tell us how they conceptualize the product, and whether they like it or not. Our expert sensory panels tell us the sensory characteristics of the product. Combined with advanced statistical modelling and preference mapping, we’re able to determine how product attributes drive consumer preferences and delivery against your brand promise (emotional and functional brand equities). From this we pinpoint the optimum sensory product profile, plus build a predictive model which can be used to identify performance of prototype products based on their sensory profile alone. This is extremely powerful in product development and in product reformulation to identify the parameters for product success as well as enhanced category understanding in terms of the different consumer preference segments that exist. 

SensoHedonic+ helps our clients to avoid multiple rounds of product reformulation and testing through provision of a target sensory profile at the start of the process which will help create products that are loved not just liked.

It’s complex, but that’s why we have a team of experienced data scientists and sensory experts to help our researchers make sense of it all, and provide actionable recommendations to our clients.

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