MMR Connect


May 23, 2018

by Caroline Withers

MMR-Connect is an interactive platform, enabling us to monitor results from quantitative research as they unfold and identify individuals with specific opinions or reactions to products or packaging.

Targeted individuals can then be selected to take part in follow up qualitative deep dives (focus groups, individual interviews or informal vox pops) to further interrogate results and accelerate next steps.

This exciting development has changed how we do fieldwork – providing a direct link with your consumers and the ability to get results more quickly (allowing stakeholder expectations to be managed sooner).

MMR Connect gave us an additional layer of insight, enabling us to create a 'super' positioning


The energy and understanding that comes from being able to probe deeper into results not only helps illuminate quantitative findings but facilitates rapid debriefs available at the end of fieldwork.

Capitalizing on technology to target consumers for follow up with access to our sensory moderators and qualitative experts ensures precision insight to support optimization and development of your proposition without the need for subsequent follow up research.

We were able to further explore hypothesizes behind results in follow up interviews, to ensure definitive answers


The opportunities are endless, our clients are finding Connect to be particularly beneficial when it comes to:

  • Early stage product development
  • Positioning validation
  • New packaging formats
  • Product benchmarking

We got to speak to the right people at the right time


MMR Connect – providing clarity and confidence, and harnessing consumer insight more effectively to drive successful development.

Connect is at the heart of our exciting Accelerator approach (product research in one day!), click here to learn more.

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