Savanna Lemon - Breaking Sensory Rules?


August 22, 2019

by Nandi Dlelapantsi

It’s very hard to miss the alcohol free evolution that’s redefining the industry right now! At first we saw alcohol free beer, wine and gin creep into the market - but we are delighted that it’s now branched out to our favourite CIDER! If you’re anything like me, you might be sceptical about the launch of a non-alcoholic cider (I mean isn’t that basically just an Appletiser?)

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Savanna non-alcoholic lemon cider claims to break all the rules, and we would agree since this has been unheard of until now. So, being the inquisitive bunch we are, we thought we’d give it a try to see just how many of the traditional cider ‘rules’ have been broken or maintained – all in the name of research, of course! We went in with very little expectations but we must say our sensory buds were pleasantly surprised. So can we call Savanna Lemon a cider? – ABSOLUTELY, YES!

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Appearance: It’s a darker gold colour with lots of bubbles (cueing refreshment), and a bit of foam (reminding us it is still a cider). The overall appearance gives the sense that it will deliver on the taste of a traditional cider

Aroma: Although it has a slightly lighter lemon note than original Savanna, but it does still come through

Taste/Flavour: It definitely delivers on the taste expectations set by its appearance and aroma. It has the cider taste with the lemon flavour, although slightly weaker than the alcoholic version. This means it doesn’t have the same overall balance of flavour as the original Savanna cider, but it sure does come very close! It is a light, refreshing surprise with the right balance of sweet and acidity.

Texture/Mouthfeel: It appears to be highly carbonated, however this doesn’t come through as strongly when you sip it, it actually delivers a lighter / flatter mouthfeel than expected.

Aftertaste: It has the same aftertaste as original Savanna, not too overpowering.

The verdict? Savanna Lemon gets our sensory stamp of approval. It delivers very well on the taste profile of a cider, and we’ll certainly be trying it again! Kudos to the Savanna Lemon team for a great product that delights the senses!

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