Science Museum Lates: Food & Drink


February 05, 2018

by Rosie Proudlove

Science Museum Lates are adults-only, after-hours theme nights that take place in the museum on the last Wednesday of every month.

A few things worth knowing about me: I love dancing, I love food and I absolutely love a good museum (I’d more or less move into the V&A if it weren’t frowned upon). When I heard about the latest Science Museum Lates, then I knew I was going to have to get myself up to London to pay a visit. The last Wednesday of every month, it opens its doors for an adults-only, after-hours themed night – featuring a silent disco, excellent food, a bar and crucially, a whole host of different stalls, talks and special guests. For my visit, the theme was Food and Drink: exploring the senses, the future of food and why we like the food and drink that we do. This was, of course, pretty much catnip to me, as I spend my whole working life exploring how consumers interact with food, drink and personal care products, and why.

The whole evening was completely fascinating – however, the standout was the Fungi Laboratory – showing how, with the right environment, mushrooms can digest plastic to create more, completely biodegradable and non-toxic, mushrooms. As I wandered through the museum, excitedly clutching my glass of wine, I thought about why this event was working so well, why it felt so right. And I realised – it’s because the experience was almost identical to how it used to feel when I visited the Science Museum as a child – that sense of exploration, of wonder, of magic. For me, understanding how fungi can digest plastic bags, how it works, what that means felt like my whole mind was expanding, in a way I haven’t experienced in years.

The importance of knowing your own brand heartland, your own magic is something that we’re very aware of here at MMR

The Science Museum has clearly understood so well what really makes it unique – and knows that to continue to inspire future generations, they must capture this completely, and in a format to appeal to those experiential millennials. The importance of knowing your own brand heartland, your own magic is something that we’re very aware of here at MMR – and that we believe is crucial for truly engaging consumers and ensuring success. In the case of the Science Museum, their key equity of childlike wonder is inspiringly conveyed by everything from the exhibits, to the food, to the dancing, to the people.

With FMCG, we know it’s a little more complicated – but in exactly the same way, brands need to know their own magic, their core equity – and then strive to ensure this is communicated at every touchpoint: brand, pack, product. Only when the equities communicated at every touchpoint sing from the same hymn sheet, will the whole brand experience feel right and ultimately, engaging to consumers. 

Rosie Proudlove is Research Manager at MMR

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