Vicki loves... Oxo Cubes


July 17, 2017

by Vicki Hamilton

Our people love food and drink, so we asked them to tell us about the brands and products they don't just like, but LOVE.

Vicki Hamilton has a fondness for the humble Oxo cube

'I don't actually buy a great many brands as it turns out. I'm a bit of a value shopper when it comes to everyday goods so my pantry is a sea of white own-label canned goods. If I use a lot of it, and it's basically going to be tipped into a pan with other stuff, then I can't justify spending a premium.

So what is it about Oxo cubes that tips my value equation?

Part of it is surely rooted in my past - my mam would have had Oxo cubes in the cupboard (and it took me years to break away from her J-cloth influence) so there's no denying there's a bit of nostalgia involved!


But I think the packaging is key for me. It's actually very functional if you sit down and analyse it - a basic thin cardboard box, with cubes that are individually wrapped out of necessity - but it's what they've done within those parameters that delights me. The box is small and they've acted on the insight that on the pantry shelf, they'll be placed alongside each other, probably one of each flavour, and so you can spell out the word Oxo using the three packs. For a person with mild OCD when it comes to arranging their pantry shelves, this is irresistible.

The cubes are genuinely cubes, perfectly square, and neatly wrapped in branded foil to keep their freshness. The foil is wrapped tightly so they fit perfectly inside the box, and it makes a wonderful sound when you're handling them (part of the ritual - they're so small and fiddly, you can't help but move them around in your fingers).

And the best part? When you open them up, the cube has been neatly compressed into a little X-shape (all the better for crumbling into the pan apparently).

It's undeniably Oxo.

This is what brand engagement is in my opinion. I don't follow them on Facebook, I have no desire to engage with their content marketing and I certainly don't want emails from them - it's just stock at the end of the day!

But next time I run out of stock cubes, I will reach for Oxo without hesitation because they delight me at every touchpoint.

Vicki Hamilton is Associate Director of Marketing Communications at MMR.