#WorldCuisine - Part 1


November 13, 2017

by Alice Barker

We asked our team across the globe to tell us about their favorite World cuisines!

​My favorite thing about travelling is trying local foods and beverages...

... so naturally I arrive in every new country that I visit with a list of foods to hunt down and sample. 

On a recent trip to Moscow, Russia I made it my mission to immerse myself in the Russian cuisine as much as possible. I was very excited about sampling the Borscht (beetroot soup) and Pelmeni (dumplings), the vodka of course! So I made it my mission to squeeze in as many meal occasions as possible.

Something I hadn't expected, was their love for Georgian food. Someone explained it to me in a way that really resonated; Georgian food is to Russia, what Mexican food is to America; Exciting, flavorsome and full of life, and oh how it delivered! I fell in love with the Georgian cuisine, especially after eating one too many potato based Russian meals, and ended up spending most of my time frequenting the local Georgian restaurants. The best dish I tried was Nigviziani Badrijani, rolled eggplant filled with a walnut and spice paste. These little rolls are filled with joy, simply irresistible and we ordered them wherever we could! The eggplant is served slightly caramelized and gooey, and the walnut filling was perfectly seasoned adding an indulgent element to the dish. Yum!