Celine is a Food Science and Nutrition graduate, and specialized in Food Systems. She has a lot of experience working in the food industry and was raised to have a sensitive pallet!

Celine has been working in the industry since she was 15, and started by making dog biscuits before moving onto working in cupcake shops until she went to college. During her college years she interned at different food manufacturing facilities, and after graduating in 2018 one of her internships lead to a position at David’s Cookies where she worked on the QA team helping keep the sweets safe (an important task indeed!) for 2 years. Celine is extremely excited to be a part of the MMR team as sensory science has always been a favorite topic of hers.

In her spare time she can be found obsessing over her cats, hiking with her dogs and family, baking up new concoctions and listening to scientific podcasts. She loves learning new things no matter how 'out-there' they may be, and loves sharing all of the new knowledge she acquires!

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