Chris joined the MMR Global Fieldwork and Procurement team in September 2019 with a strong background in Customer Service, Data Administration and South Africa wildlife. A varied history included working with a lot of the UK’s big car manufacturers on Apprenticeship Programmes and Global Learner Management Systems and working in one of Thames Valley Police’s ICT departments, mixed in with three trips to South Africa to spend time volunteering and studying on several game reserves. Clearly the next step was the world of Fieldwork Procurement in Market Research!

Chris’s scariest moment was when he was forced to run for safety back to his vehicle after awakening what he initially thought was a “deceased” warthog in his hole. Chris was checking the area was safe for his guests (it wasn’t), who were then very surprised to see him sprinting back to the vehicle and jumping on board. Turns out the warthog wasn’t happy to have been awoken from his afternoon slumber.

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