Guy comes from a market research background - his mother founded a market research agency in 1976 and he has now been in the field for over 20 years. 

As Global Head of Qual, Guy talks directly to consumers in their homes or group environments to understand what drives their behaviours and reactions to different products or concepts. Guy ensures that these sessions are good fun for all respondents, as he believes that laughter promotes a relaxed atmosphere, which leads to greater honesty and therefore deeper insight - there's science behind his tomfoolery! He studied Politics and Modern History at the University of Manchester but spent much of his time debating the relative merits of Marx vs. Smith etc. Makes running qual groups sound like a walk in the park! 

In the past Guy has worked for Survey & Marketing Services, Millward Brown Firefly in Australia, Nunwood Consulting and Marketing Sciences.

Outside of the qual world he spends (possibly a little too much) time in the gym, and is more often than not being beaten at FIFA by his two sons. Undoubtedly though, his life’s passion is Newcastle United with whom he has had a fraught relationship since 1977.

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