Jess has a Bachelors in English Language and Literature and a Masters in Applied Linguistics, both gained from the University of Nottingham.

Having primarily focused on her degrees for the last four years, this is Jess's first professional research role. She does have previous experience in academic research, having worked as a Research Assistant for a study conducted by the UoN staff, along with having a speaker slot at an Academic Conference and an essay published in the University's online journal - Innervate.

Jess usually has several creative projects on the go such as painting, drawing, reading or crochet. She's also a sucker for a good period drama. Being a big foodie, Jess loves to cook and try out new recipes. Now she's working in the heart of the city, she plans to take advantage of her surroundings and explore London more thoroughly, checking out museums and art galleries in her spare time.

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