Kishori studied for a Masters degree in Technology Management, specialising in Marketing. She joined the MMR team as a Senior Qualitative Research Executive in Mumbai as she is particularly interested in sensory research. Kishori has been in the consumer research space for just over two years now, having worked with Maven Magnet Research and IMRB as well as some digital research firms before joining MMR. In her previous roles she especially loved the hat and robes that the researchers got to wear!

Kishori has a keen interest in psychology and loves finding out how people think and why. Growing up she wanted to be a counsellor, but the thrill of research caught her fancy early on and then there was no looking back! The sheer variety of people, products, perspectives and experiences is what she "loves, loves, loves!" about her job.

Her dream is to travel the world, try new cuisines and learn about new cultures as much as she can. Kishori enjoys food, every type of music, and when she is not at work you can find her reading a book or practicing her photography skills. 

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