Kyle has studied Business & Economics related subjects on and off for the last 8 years, focusing on accountancy more recently, with plans to continue studying and become fully qualified.

Kyle is the Business Analyst; assisting our Financial Director, he creates and sends out reports for all things finance, provides support for financial queries, helps to prepare the monthly numbers for the accounts and analyses costs, budgets & sales to help keep tabs on our performance. Overall, he helps to keeps an eye on things!

He previously worked in the Accounts Payable and Management Accounts departments of a large builders merchants in Oxford before coming to MMR.

Kyle is a self confessed nerd. Passionate about his Nissan 350z, he scouts out every opportunity to get on a racetrack, making regular trips to the Nurburgring in Germany (sampling German delicacies at the same time!) He also makes good use of his unlimited cinema subscription, gets in some cheeky games of pool or bowling and enjoys a good TV show binge.

Fun fact about Kyle: He famously appeared on TV four times; once for being a nerd as a kid (On Blues Clues), once for being a nerd at school (BBC News), was once mistaken for someone important (Sky News) and once for being a nerd dressed as Bowser (in a onesie) at a race track in 35 degree heat – he therefore considers himself a minor celebrity.

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