Luisa Brady

Sensory Panel Assistant

Pleasantville, New York

Luisa graduated with a BS in Food Science from UC Davis in 2016. In 2017, she worked as a sensory science intern for Diageo, before joining our Pleasantville team as a Sensory Panel Assistant.

Luisa is bilingual, speaking both Brazilian Portuguese and English. She’s lived in Illinois, California, Brazil and now New York and has travelled to 12 countries with many more on her wish list.

One of the scariest things that Luisa has faced happened in Brazil, when she and her family had to be rescued by the police from a hiking trail in the mountains after the sun had set. Not shy to face adventures, she also found herself accidentally left on the side of a dark highway at night, in a snow storm, with no phone service, during a road trip. Yikes!

When she’s not getting into trouble, Luisa enjoys cooking and baking her own recipes and creating general chaos in the kitchen. She also enjoys photography and activities with her family.

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