As Head of Qual (Americas), Pran is passionate about facilitating deeper and more meaningful connections between the CPG brands we all know and love and their consumers/customers. He has overseen MMR’s ever-expanding Qualitative Research offer in the States since 2014, helping to evolve and tailor our proprietary methodologies (e.g. EROS) to the unique needs of our North American clients.

Pran studied Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, forged his career in the Washington, DC area (hometown) in financial services of all things (hence his quant-ish mind in many ways), before stumbling into consumer marketing and product development research during the Bush administration (43, not 41).

When not in an airplane, hotel room, or research facility, he embarks on as many food and drink adventures as he can, loves overpaying for the occasional bucket list concert or sporting event, and let’s face it, enjoys a do-nothing weekend in Long Island City (his home) when afforded the rare luxury.

Fun fact about Pran: He went to university with John Legend AND Donald Trump, Jr, even auditioning for the former’s campus a capella group (when he had dreads, and Pran an ear ring!)

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