A tribute to Vicki Meagher


November 23, 2017


Last week we lost a colleague, a friend and a very special person to secondary breast cancer. Vicki Meagher has been a loyal and treasured member of the MMR team for nearly 11 years, and even since her diagnosis 4 years ago, she continued to shine bright, exude positivity and remain an inspiration to us all. As a work colleague, she’ll be remembered for her can-do attitude, her awe- inspiring efficiency, her creativity and her thoughtfulness towards others. As a friend, she was, quite simply, a ray of sunshine.

Our thoughts go out to her family at this sad time. I think anyone that knew Vicki would say they were genuinely lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of her life. We, at MMR, feel so blessed she chose to spend her working life with us.

Thank you Vicki, for everything, and keep shining bright!

Your friends and colleagues x 

Thank you Vicki, for everything, and keep shining bright!

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