ARTICLE: Marketing to Mindsets


July 26, 2016

by Luisa Robertson

In the August edition of Admap, Luisa Robertson explains how a new approach to understanding consumers' needs and the mindsets in play at certain occasions or within specific categories is enabling brand owners to identify where their greatest opportunity lies, and target it accordingly.

Marketing to Mindsets

Why do so many new product launches fail? Probably because markets are crowded (especially in FMCG) and people don't really need new things. This makes it hard to cut through. While the need for more 'tactical' launches is clear, those that stick in the long term, in our experience, are those that either work perfectly for a brand by complementing what it already has in a meaningful way (e.g. new extra crunchy potato crisps), or finding a new/better way of fulfilling consumer needs (e.g. individual pots of breakfast cereal).

We believe part of the problem is that many of the frameworks used to explore consumer demand are simplistic and create somewhat linear thinking. For example, they fit consumption behaviour/attitudes towards brands into clear frameworks, but offer no real inspiration, indications of next steps or guidance on what it will take to succeed at a more tangible level. They are also typically based on what consumers tell us they do (based on recall), rather than what they actually do – which in today's digital age has got to be suboptimal...

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