MMR launches Express


October 19, 2018

by Simon Williams

​MMR Research launch ‘Express’ suite of agile research tools

Agile research methods are a reality of business in 2018.

To address the changing landscape of consumer research, MMR have launched Express - the most complete range of agile innovation tools available today. The Express platform is created in part to fill existing gaps in the agile space. This focuses primarily around the need for flexibility, human interaction and a comprehensive range of adaptable tools, providing practical solutions that reflect client priorities – with experienced research specialists offering support and guidance at any stage of the process.

“We’ve listened to our clients and are clear that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach just doesn’t cut it. That’s why Express has been designed to offer the flexibility that clients need, tailoring approaches to meet their specific challenges and reflect strategic priorities”

Simon Williams

Head of Agile, MMR

The Express platform benefits from MMR’s position as the world’s leading independent supplier of consumer and sensory research to the CPG industry. Express ensures the benefits of automation are not at the expense of flexibility and specialist support from experienced human minds across the globe.

“Using automation to streamline processes, our research specialists can focus on delving deeper into results - offering informed insights and recommendations, so that clients are crystal clear about next steps”

MMR Express benefits from pragmatic standardization and automation, allowing huge cost and time savings rather than locked-down, inflexible approaches. Instead, Express allows flexible content to reflect business priorities – ensuring clients get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Discover more about Express by visiting the online platform –

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