MMR Research and Food Innovation Solutions partner to launch Cubo Innovation


December 17, 2018

by MMR

The company is headed up by Mike Faers (CEO GoodSense Research, MD Food Innovation Solutions) and Luisa Gibbons (Director, Future Focus MMR Research Worldwide).

MMR Research Worldwide (MMR) and Food Innovation Solutions (FIS) have teamed up to offer Cubo Innovation (Cubo), a joint venture that offers a fresh perspective for food and beverage innovation, supporting rapid prototyping and placing real focus on commercial feasibility. Blending consumer insights and co-creation with culinary creativity, Cubo aims to disrupt traditional marketing shackles, allowing fresh ideas to prosper with consumers at the heart of the NPD process. Offering complementary support and inspiration to internal R&D teams to expedite innovation timings, or a complete outsourced solution, Cubo brings an exciting new option for rapid and impactful innovation.

Whilst both MMR and FIS held this same philosophy for some time, it’s only now, with our powers combined, that we can more effectively bring this to bear on the very real challenges facing FMCG manufacturers looking to create new products in an increasingly tough environment.

Mike Faers

Director, Cubo & FIS

On Thursday 29th November, over 30 industry professionals came together to celebrate the launch of the joint venture at Hackney’s Our/London Vodka Distillery. After some delicious vodka cocktails, infused by FIS with this years’ trending ingredients (rose petals, matcha and ginger to name a few), and prior to an interactive cooking challenge using the same ingredients, Director Luisa Gibbons introduced Cubo with context around the increasing need for more agile innovation when it comes product development.


R&D teams are stretched, not just with NPD challenges but also with pressures to reformulate in response to changing health regulations, and for cost-engineering in competitive markets. Increasingly these teams are lacking the bandwidth, the time, or the creativity needed for inspired innovation.

Luisa Gibbons

Director, Cubo & MMR

Luisa and Mike went on to explain that whilst launching a widely appealing product is a great strategy if you have the budget to support a blockbuster launch, more and more manufacturers are facing increasing pressures on budgets and timelines. Meanwhile, smaller players in the food and drink industry are stealing a march on the big boys; they aren’t tied to traditional stage-gate processes that risk diluting ideas and losing much of what made them special in the first place.

‘It’s time to challenge convention,’ Luisa added, ‘using a fresh approach to deliver effective, agile innovation in a modern world - that’s what Cubo are here to deliver.’

For more information or to get in touch, please visit the Cubo Website -

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