MMR Research Worldwide unveil exciting new NPD jump-starter


May 16, 2018

by Caroline Withers

MMR Research Worldwide unveils MMR RetrEATS®, an immersive co-creation approach that brings consumers into the start and heart of the innovation process.

MMR Research Worldwide has unveiled an immersive co-creation approach that brings consumers into the innovation research process to help create not just evaluate, using their input to shape outline ideas into fully fledged concepts or executions. Ordinarily this process might take weeks or even months, with different teams working on different aspects of the proposition. But MMR’s RetrEATs take place over just two days, allowing brand owners to take away actionable insights and clear parameters for development across the proposition in a matter of hours.

Consumers are invited to spend two days at a contextually relevant, but informal, environment where MMR’s expert Sensory-Qual moderators use design thinking principles and specialist qualitative techniques to draw out the ideal execution across names, sensory product delivery, branding, colourways, packaging, ergonomics and communications, with analysis taking place in collaboration with brand owners there and then.

The approach is the latest in a suite of agile ideas from MMR, designed to tackle the well-known NPD failure statistic by encouraging brand owners to switch their research emphasis from testing to co-creation – to develop and launch their products right first time. The ability to shape the proposition with consumers across multiple touchpoints at once brings focus to the whole process as well as complete alignment between positioning, product and packaging for a stronger proposition overall. Global CEO Mat Lintern is hugely optimistic about the approach;

In a shifting research landscape, where depth is often sacrificed for speed, MMR RetrEATs is driving a new way of thinking around innovation and NPD. We get to the crux of a new idea really quickly, understanding what it will really take to make this resonate with the target market, and then we flesh things out in sensory language that marketers and product developers can work with directly. Getting an idea right first time means considerable savings further down the line, getting NPD to market more quickly, something we know is a burning issue for our clients.

Mat Lintern

Global CEO, MMR

The benefits of this approach have already been felt by a number of leading brands, with several opting to run a RetrEAT instead of their usual programme of early quant concept-product testing.

RetrEATs is fast paced, agile and as flexible as you need it to be. It’s a very thorough approach, I felt we left no stone unturned in what we were exploring, and the lovely thing was to have the luxury of time to explore things to the absolute end of what we needed to know. We came out of it with the blueprint for success.

Karen Poole

Brand Manager

Caroline Withers is Head of Innovation at MMR Research Worldwide

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