There are no bad products any more, so how do you go beyond liking and stand out from the crowd? We help brands amplify emotional and functional promises by identifying the sensory characteristics that drive these connections.


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A common directive handed to product developers is to ‘increase liking’ (often meaning ‘beat the competition') or to reduce costs without decreasing liking.

This is typically achieved through manipulation of the sensory profile - tweaking ingredients to maximize acceptability for the largest proportion of target consumers. Increasingly in crowded markets however, the opportunity to command an advantage through liking is reducing.

To generate sufficient year one and two volume predictions needed to justify launch, most new products have to excel in ‘liking’ and their related concepts must deliver sufficient breadth of appeal. But as the figures prove, liking alone is a poor predictor of longer term product adoption.

Something else is clearly going on – and those tasked with improving products or launching NPD need research than can delve deeper!

We need to go beyond the typical beauty contest situation that so much research promotes, balancing the important ‘attraction’ element with the deeper emotional and functional connection that a well-designed product can elicit. For instance, a certain brand of energy drink was not the most liked in blind UK product tests, but as a total brand proposition it’s by far and away the market leader – with over 43m Facebook likes!


Product testing and development is our heartland - something our teams are involved in week-in week-out, all around the world. We're able to recommend the right approach to meet your product development needs - whether developing and testing something new, validating product-concept fit before launch, or benchmarking and reformulating an existing product. Our client partners benefit from our ability to excel at complex challenges (globally), and to deliver more standard projects efficiently, insightfully and with flair.

Our sensory branding techniques examine how deeply your brand connects across the entire experience, and how well the product stacks up against the expectations set by brand and pack. In many circumstances, we’re called upon to create a more distinctive product, deriving a sensory signature that’s ownable, memorable and better reinforces the brand promise. In our opinion, there can be no closer engagement between brand and consumer than direct consumption of the product itself, so if your product is liked, but could work harder for your brand, we can help.

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