Lucozade Revive: NPD

Energizing new product development for Lucozade

Suntory Beverage wanted to develop a product within the natural energy space, targeting shoppers who don’t buy into the energy drinks category, yet are looking for a naturally inspired uplift throughout their day.

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MMR and Huxly partnered with Suntory on this exciting development journey – from initial exploration right through to validation. Exploring visual and verbal metaphors, along with semiotics and claims, we worked with consumers to create Revive’s Rules For Success, including a detailed liquid brief for the product developers - bringing together brand and product from the outset


Suntory moved forward with our recommendations, launching Lucozade Revive in February 2020. The launch involved a significant marketing push spanning in-store point-of-sale materials, sampling and out-of-home advertising. The range quickly established itself as a key franchise for the brand and maintains high levels of distribution.

Lucozade Revive 1

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