Method Focus: EROS (Early Rules of Success)


September 01, 2016

by Guy Maxwell

The pressure’s on! Innovation needs to be done cheaper, faster – and better! More agile in fact.

Our solution: EROS – delivering ‘Early Rules of Success.’

It’s your sensory enhanced co-creation super group! Clients who experience it have seen nothing like it. They witness increased momentum and alignment across their innovation teams. They benefit from overall reductions in time and cost getting their new product to market. 

That’s because EROS is hell bent on creating better product and pack briefs for innovation teams. It rigorously informs subsequent work streams and promotes joined up thinking. Its mantra is ‘a little extra effort upfront pays dividends later.

Conceived by MMR’s sensory scientists and qualitative experts, this early-stage qualitative research tool brings together client R&D, insight and marketing teams with consumers who have been screened in a unique way to ensure sensory acuity and articulacy. The result is a highly immersive, challenging and energy filled workshop.

Thank you for the EROS workshops tonight. They went brilliantly. The recruitment was fantastic - I've never seen such great participants!! The sessions flowed really well and we got the depth we really needed.

Senior Insight Manager - European Innovation


At the heart of EROS is a mission to identify which sensory attributes – when applied across product and pack – will physically embed and reinforce your brand (or concept) promise. Put another way, it works on the physical body language, ensuring what consumers see (and feel) matches with what you stand for and say.

In more exacting terms, EROS does three things:

First, EROS captures the deeper meaning associated with your idea – be it a concept or prototype. Armed with this insight, EROS then explores the available sensory universe with an amazing array of stimulus. It explores different structures, colors, substrates, flavors, aromas and tastes and captures associated subliminal meanings.

Second, EROS zones in on the core emotional and functional equities that are fundamental for your concept or brand to deliver – and identifies which sensory attributes will help embed them.

Third, EROS translates outputs into highly actionable briefs for product and pack developers – uniting them against common aims.

By tapping into rich consumer feedback right at the start of the development process, EROS ensures that product or pack development is perfectly aligned across all touchpoints, increasing the chances of a holistic proposition. A ‘brand experience’ no less.
If you’re ready to approach innovation in this way, working with participants who can truly illuminate your opportunity, then let’s have a chat. Contact your local MMR team

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“I hadn't realized how much rigor could be applied to a qualitative approach”

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