Jane left school with no idea of what she wanted to do, but on Mother’s insistence completed a secretarial course which included shorthand, though she's never actually used shorthand since!

Her earlier years were spent designing and manufacturing clothes for two small Boutiques in Cornwall, before 5 years of travelling the World on Merchant ships, visiting all sorts of interesting places. Jane then emigrated to South Africa to run famous Cape Town watering hole 'Foresters Arms', known to the locals as Forries, before then qualifying to be an Estate Agent. Somewhere along the line, she also qualified as a make-up artist - when she had the time to do so, we can't quite fathom!

Jane returned to the UK a number of years ago, and after various other vocations joined MMR in April 2015 as Receptionist and Office Assistant, for our lovely office in Oxford. In her spare time she enjoys making jewellery and gardening.

The scariest thing that's ever happened to Jane: (well, actually there are two!)
She once had to join a ship at sea in a Force 7 gale, which required her to climb up the side of a tanker via a rope ladder. Jane suffers from vertigo. Enough said.

She also had a lucky escape when she managed to catch the last plane out of Beirut before they closed the airport due to fighting. They could even hear the gun-fire!

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