Leah Williamson

Recruitment and Panel Manager

Atlanta, USA

In Leah's work life, she enjoys being the face of the company and has over 8 years of recent experience in a professional setting. She is highly skilled in providing administrative support to executives and staff, and has a track record of interacting with high profile clients.

She moved to the USA from Australia in 2016 when she then joined the Curion CIC team in Atlanta as their Consumer Liaison, later moving up to become a Panel and Recruiting Coordinator/Programmer as well as the Consumer Liaison. She's enthusiastic about continuing on at the CIC now with MMR as the Recruitment and Panel Manager.

Outside of work, Leah likes to travel anywhere tropical, play the drums or bass guitar, go camping, surfing (anything outdoors) and keeping fit with yoga and Pilates. She's also an animal lover and has been vegan since she was 8 years old!

The scariest moment of her life so far - and one that certainly shows her admirable confidence and love of adventure - has been getting engaged 1 week after meeting someone, then moving across the world to get married 3 months later! But she's happy to say they're almost reaching their 4th year of being happily married.

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